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There are many yacht brokerages that boast of being the biggest name, the oldest company or simply saying that they are the most trustworthy. We believe, it’s much more about you, the owner, your spouse, your family, your captain, your friends. and my priority is to bring value to you and the people you care about.


The plan for selling pre-owned

  1. Set up a call and discuss your desired boat
  2. Conduct marketing and lead generation
  3. Receive offers
  4. Negotiate the best price for  your boat
  5. Manage the closing process

How are we different?

Our commitment to you

  • We are loyal and with you for as long as you own this next yacht

  • We will always have your best interest in mind

  • We will get you a better deal
  • We don’t want to just help you buy this boat, we want to earn your friendship

  • We will work harder and smarter for you

  • We do what we say we’re am going to do; we consistently follow through



You lose an average of 4 points and 508 days by overpricing your boat from depreciation, Running Costs, Market Perception!


Price over time


Cost of ownership


Activity over time


Exposure + Price = Your boat sold


Targeted exposure

We get your boat seen by the right people…

  • Professional Photography, Videography and Drone Shots

  • Social Media and Search Ads

  • Targeted Listings on Popular Websites

  • Print Ads

  • Word of Mouth

  • Physical Location

  • Network

How can we help you?

We would be thrilled to chat with you, learn more about your story and see if it makes sense for us to help you get on the water more often.

Please reach out.

  • 206.949.2270