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Light Weight Carbon Fiber Tenders

UP BOATS is the leading manufacturer of full carbon fiber dinghies, tenders & chase boats. UP BOATS innovative rigid tenders combine low weight, high performance and incredible durability. 

100% made in USA by boaters for boaters.

We focus on cutting out the 'gimmicks' and offer only tested and proven solutions for our customers.


100% Lifetime Support

UP Boats believes in the superior quality of our tenders!
Your new UP Boats tender comes with full lifetime support from the factory.
UP Boats will fix any issue that is not ‘wear and tear’ related, no matter how long ago you bought your UP Boats tender. 


Tender Boat Models

UP Boats are available in four different hull lengths, packed with smart features & functional accessories. Customize your lightweight & rigid dinghy with the numerous available options and create YOUR ultimate tender.

UP 300 - 10'


UP 340 - 11'

UP 340 Photos1

UP 400 - 13'

UP400 platform

UP 460 - 15'


Advantage of UP Boats Tenders


UP Boats Tenders are built the same way as large boats & yachts, nearly impossible to sink and should be the last tender you'll ever buy.


UP Boats tenders are all built from ultralight yet very strong and durable carbon fiber composite, which makes it very easy for a single person to beach the boats. The weight savings also enable you to pick a lighter outboard with less horsepower while achieving the same performance.


UP Boats tenders have wide and flat gunwales that are completely covered in non skid decking which makes boarding a breeze. While seated, passengers can safely hold onto the grips or the inside edge of the tender.  The soft vee hull and wide beam make for increased stability even in significant chop.

UP Boats are built from a carbon fiber foam sandwich construction. The foam provides enough flotation reserve to make the boat nearly unsinkable. The hull design provides incredible stability in any condition.


UP Boats offer spacious storage bags and a quick access bow pocket under the gunwales. The fuel tank & starter battery are safely mounted inside the stern extensions. Overall our tenders offer more than 2x the interior volume of other similar size tenders.


We designed our hulls with speed & comfort in mind. With your UP Boats tender you'll get on plane quickly and arrive at your destination in no time while enjoying the ride.


With more than a decade of experience in industrial carbon fiber composite manufacturing and the knowledge of thousands of nautical miles sailed. Our boat design caters to the needs of distinguished boaters that demand state of the art tenders to match their yachts.  We're able to ensure that every UP Boat is built to the highest standards, exceeding our customers expectations in quality and design.

How can we help you?

We would be thrilled to chat with you, learn more about your story and see if it makes sense for us to help you get on the water more often.

Please reach out.

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